My physical health has not been at its peak for some time now and only after seeing Dr. Eva have I been able to understand the causes, much of it related to my digestion and deep-seated trauma. With her profound, unique breadth of knowledge and commitment to her patients, Dr. Eva / Gaia Med has helped me reduce fatigue, get rid of bloating and intestinal pain, prevent rashes and other skin issues that have plagued me in recent years— bringing my body into balance. I felt an almost immediately positive response to the herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments from my very first visit several years ago. The attentive and expert care, with its thoughtful and effective treatments, continue to bring me back year after year. This has led to an uplift to my mood and mental resilience, which is also something I have struggled with my whole life. Treatments by Dr. Eva / Gaia Med have brought me greater awareness of the interdependency between my behavior and my health, creating harmony where there was none. It has truly been life-changing.

When I came into GaiaMed I was struggling with chronic pain my right side in 4 different areas. Being part of this clinic has helped me get back to work and exercising on a daily basis. I never thought in a million years acupuncture and cupping could relieve my pain. But it does, I am living proof. Thank you Dr. Eva Kozura
— B.R.

I’ve been to other Naturopathic doctors and felt they didn’t listen. Dr Kozura listens to you. She doesn’t rush you out of there. She takes her time and offers solutions. I was referred to Gaia Med from a vegan group I follow on Facebook. Because I am vegan, I really wanted to find a doctor that understood my needs. Dr. Kozura cares about my decision to being vegan and makes sure I am prescribed vegan medication. I never have to second guess her and do my research to see if my medications are vegan. She is very thorough and follows through with everything. I never need to call or email to follow up. Dr. Kozura and Gaia Med are easy to work with and I am very happy I found them.
— Tricia B

Gaia Med / Dr. Eva is a ND, RD, and LAc. She will listen to my health issues, provides me with a plan to heal or prevent disease or illness, and allows me to provide her with feedback. She is always positive, sincere, and genuine. I am lucky she is my primary physician.

For about 5 months, I was suffering from numbness in my right thumb and ring finger. My clinical massage therapist suggested Dr. Eva so I setup acupuncture appointments with her and a after a month and a half, the numbness went away. I had an upcoming surgery to remove endometriosis from my abdomen and I asked Dr. Eva if she would be my primary physician and she agreed. I fully recovered within 2 months the surgery and I experienced little to no pain during the recovery process. Her commitment to my wellbeing encourages me to make little changes to improve my lifestyle and this approach works for me - I have lost 10 lbs so far under her care. I am so lucky, very lucky to have her as my primary physician and healer.
— Diana D.

Dr. Eva is the best part. She is a very kind and compassionate provider with a wealth of knowledge. She is a great listener and always has ideas to share at the end of each visit to help with my overall health. I have complex medical issues including Lyme disease for which she has helped me immensely. I feel that I am on a path toward wellness, which something my allopathic doctors could not offer me. When I first saw Dr. Eva I was so discouraged about my lack of health. But she gave me hope, along with reducing my pain that I struggle with daily. She is very talented with accupuncture, more so than others I have seen. I work in the medical field and am naturally curious so I ask a lot of questions. She always answers them and will research it if she doesn’t know. I feel like is always watching out for me, but just during my appointment time. I am confident that my health will continue to improve by being a part of Gaia Med. Dr. Eva has helped me feel empowered about my own health and the ability to make more informed healthcare decisions.

I have been working with Dr. Eva for several years and I would highly recommend her to others. Dr. Eva is caring, very knowledgeable and interested in her patients.She takes the time to listen and get to know her patients, and I have never felt rushed through an appointment. I appreciate her holistic approach and encouragement of the mind-body connection.

“So incredibly skilled - Amanda’s massages are healing and wonderful!”

“Amanda is awesome. Profession, relaxed, a perfect therapist. She is strong, but also gentle. She is everything I hope for in a therapist.”

“Amanda is such an incredibly skilled massage therapist. She is in tune with my body the entire session and applies pressure and active releases which feel amazing. She has great insights on what’s happening in my muscle and fascial layers. She’s done the best work on the neck, shoulder, and pec areas compared with any other massage therapist I’ve experienced. Amanda has a super calm, gentle, got-my-back presence which is wonderful when I want a regenerating massage. I am so grateful I found her!”