Eva Sofia (formerly Eva Kozura), ND, RD, EAMP


Dr. Eva is a Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Dietician, and East Asian Medicine Practitioner who loves to work with individuals and families seeking health and fulfillment. She blends modern evidence-based therapies with humor, intuition, and good listening. Her calling is to help cultivate each person’s knowledge and application of tools that create the best possible lifelong health.



Dr. Eva grew up in Taiwan, Chicago, and Stuttgart, Germany being inadvertently exposed to herbal, homeopathic, and nature cure therapies. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University with a specialty in Exercise Science from Ithaca College. She earned a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and worked as a clinical nutritionist at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City for 4 years before attending Bastyr University. At Bastyr, Dr. Eva completed 5 years of study for her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degrees. She completed a 1 year accredited residency in Naturopathic Family Practice at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health as well as a year long training in East Asian Medicine for pregnancy and birth. Dr. Eva founded Gaia Med in 2018.

Dr. Eva is a proud mom of 2 bright and rambunctious kids. She loves to be active, explore nature, and create fun adventures with her kids and friends. You might see her running on the Burke Gilman Trail by the clinic during the day.


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Dr. Eva is the recipient of the 2008 Bastyr University Founders’ Les Griffith Award. This award given annually in Dr. Griffith's name is granted to a current student in any academic program who has achieved distinction in his/her field of study and has rendered exceptional service to the University, improving the entire Bastyr community and advancing the University's objectives and ideals.

Allison Egan head shot.png

Allison Egan, ND


Dr. Egan is a Naturopathic Physician with a specialty focus on the musculoskeletal wellness and natural pain management. Dr. Egan works with active adults who are recovering from injury and looking to restore performance to their previous level, or athletes looking to optimize their performance to the next level. She loves working with athletes of all levels: weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, collegiate and professional athletes, or parents and grandparents looking to keep up with the kiddos. She believes that movement is medicine and her goal is to promote longevity of active people being active.

Dr Egan facilitates her patients’ recovery through a relaxed visit where she wants you to feel heard and empowered to take action in your healthcare. She wants you to leave each visit with a better understanding of how your body functions. She uses a collaboration of regenerative injection therapies, manual therapies, and home therapy protocols to get you feeling better fast.


Regenerative Injection Medicine

●       Prolotherapy

●       Trigger Point Therapy

●       Perineural Injection Therapy

●       Scar Therapy

●       Neural Therapy

Manual Therapies

●       Myofascial release

●       Neuromuscular re-education

●       Craniosacral Therapy

●       Cupping


Dr. Egan is a PNW native, having grown up in Oregon. She spent most of her childhood pursuing outdoor activities. She earned her undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a specialty focus on fitness program management from Oregon State University, where she was also a Division I athlete in women’s rowing. Her childhood passion led her to a career in the outdoor industry working seasonally as a backcountry guide in the summers and wintering on the slopes teaching ski school. Ultimately a connection to nature and her passion for knowledge led Dr. Egan to pursue her Naturopathic medical degree from the National University of Natural Medicine. She completed a 1 year accredited Integrative Residency in Naturopathic Rheumatology in Lansing, MI with Carla Guggenheim, DO.

In her free time, it’s difficult to catch Dr. Egan in the city! Her passion for adventure and wild places is still very alive and you’ll best find her roaming the trails of the Cascades, gravel biking through forest service roads, sailing on Puget Sound, or hitting the slopes in the winter. At home she focuses on her creative side finding time to try out new recipes in the kitchen or exploring new DIY activities like sewing, crocheting, and gardening.



I believe that each of us possesses a deep wisdom that can guide us to a happy life. Problems arise when that self-knowledge gets muddled. Throughout our lives, a fundamental problem, I believe, is one of separation from the authentic self. When we listen to our inner voice, which takes practice, we can come to understand our authentic selves. And to know oneself is to love oneself. Life is to be enjoyed! A mindful way of being is without a doubt the most fulfilling way of being.

I approach my bodywork with that philosophy in mind. I try to listen as much as I speak, to feel as much as I touch. The path to physical wellness is different for everyone. But fortunately, our bodies are the map and I have a key! I aim to grow in trust with my clients, as healing can only happen in a place of safety and support. I believe that getting to the root, or trigger, of a symptom is the first step to alleviating it. Our bodies, like our minds, hold onto trauma in ways that can seem counterintuitive at times. Through careful attention to the stress patterns, we can trace back to the cause and that's where the real work begins. I use a blend of techniques from myofascial, neuromuscular, sports, and a bit of Thai massage to manipulate muscle and connective tissue, stretching and breaking up adhesions where needed.

I am a believer in moving towards the (good) pain, as in my experience this is the best way to create lasting change. I see my clients as teammates on the journey to wellness, I may be the expert in massage but you are the one and only expert in what it feels like to be you. I look forward to our journey together towards wellness!


Amanda grew up in Cincinnati, OH and has lived in Seattle since 2014. She chose Seattle for the mountains, the music and the seafood first, and has come to love and appreciate the city and the region for so much more. She loves spending time outside in any capacity, soaking up nature's rays. A passion of hers is to collect and press flowers and leaves to make art with. She likes to paint, sing, practice yoga, write poetry and play guitar. She considers herself a lifelong student and loves to read books on philosophy, biology, ecology as well as science fiction and more classic literature. There is so much in the world to experience and she consider it her life's mission to collect as many journeys as possible. 


Gaia Med says THANK YOU to Dr. Samantha Guthrie for her wonderful service to patients October 2018-September 2019. We wish you the best!